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Dental Implant


The dental implant was created to substitute the actual root or natural tooth root. By implanting the dental implant into the jaw bone, the area where the natural teeth are removed. Then create the part of the teeth, which may be crowns, bridges, denture plates that can be removed or attached to the dental implant.

Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth for those who lost all their teeth. Most dental implants are made of titanium because they are materials that are compatible with human bone. However, for people who have allergies or have some reasons for not being able to use titanium implants, we also have dental implants that are manufactured with other materials for service.
Dental implant procedure at Dentalwise Clinic

1. The dentist will examine the jaw bone and take an x-ray to evaluate, make the treatment plan, design the type of denture and the number of implants to be used.

2. Imaging 3D dental x-ray or dental cone beam CT scan to assess bone volume. Plan the proper position of the implant to make sure they will not hit the nerve and blood vessels in the jaw bone.

3. If the remaining jaw bone is too thin or too small, the dentist may have to do bone augmentation by using synthetic bones or the bones from other areas of the patients themselves. 

4. Placing dental implants with local anesthesia.

5. Wait for the dental implant to be firmly attached to the bone. Generally about 3 months

6. Make fake teeth on dental implants as planned.
At Dentalwise Clinic We are ready to provide you with the best dental implants from the world's leading dental implant manufacturers like Straumann, Astra, Nobel Biocare. In addition, we also offer quality standard dental implants at an affordable price as an alternative such as Neo Biotech, Hiossen.

All dental implant patients at DentalWise Clinic will be evaluated and planned for the treatment by using Dental Cone Beam CT-Scan of jaw bone and teeth to reduce complications that may occur and make the treatment more accurate and effective.

Dentalwise Clinic's dentist team is a renowned dentist, university faculty with expertise and experience in dental implants and dentures. 

So having dental implants placement at Dentalwise Clinic, you will receive dental implant services from the best products with the best technology and maximum safety from service providers with a lot of skill and experience.   

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