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Get special discount and free gift for Invisalign treatment

"The Invisalign aligners are indeed produced from the same place. But the Invisalign treatment by a different dentist will give a totally different result. Or even the treatment from the same clinic or hospital but was done by different dentists will also give different treatment results. This is because the Invisalign treatment will be planned and designed how and where to move the teeth by a dentist who treated that case. Not by the Invisalign company. Choosing the right dentist for Invisalign treatment is therefore very important for the outcome after the treatment finished."

🎈⭐️✨ Special Promotion for Invisalign 🎈⭐️✨ 

🌱 Invisalign Lite Package (8-14 tray sets)
Only 100,000 Baht with 2 installments when you pay by cash. Or only 110,000 Baht when pay by credit card.
(From 120,000 Baht normal price)
🌱 Invisalign Moderate Package (15-26 tray sets)
Only 128,000 Baht with 2 installments when you pay by cash. Or only 136,000 Baht when pay by credit card.
(From 150,000 Baht normal price)
🌱 Invisalign Comprehensive Package ( Unlimited tray sets)
only 151,000 Baht with 4 installments when you pay by cash. Or only 161,000 Baht when pay by credit card.
(From 190,000 Baht normal price)


🎁 Special for Teens 🎁

 For kids and teenagers under 20 years old. Show your student ID and get additional 4,000 Baht special discount.

🍒🌱 Buddy New Smiles 🌱🍒

When 2 persons come to get Invisalign treatment together(comprehensive package), get special price.

145,000 Baht per person with 4 installments when you pay by cash.
Or only 155,000 Baht per person when pay by credit card.

⚡️⚡️ New Smile with Accerelating Pack ⚡️⚡️

For those who want to speed up the Invisalign treatment(Up to 50% Faster). Special package for Invisalign comprehensive treatment combined with Orthopulse (Light accelerated Orthodontic device)

195,000 Baht per person with 4 installments when you pay by cash.
Or only 210,000 Baht per person when pay by credit card.
(From 245,000 normal price)

Promotion until 31 October 2023.


Our head of Orthodontist, Dr. Napong Puapornpong, Awarded Invisalign Diamond Provider for 6 years consecutively (2017-present) and Awarded Invisalign Lifetime Archievement 1000+ Invisalign patients treated since 2022
, who has more than 20 years experience of Orthodontic treatment in many major hospitals in Thailand. Thus, you can rely on his expertise for the treatment.

There's no more teeth impression here at DentalWise! We use the newest technology, iTero Element 5D Plus Scanner with iOsim Pro, combined with Cone beam CT-SCAN, which can show your after-treatment teeth and your new smile right after taking scan on the first visit, and also can create a teeth model for the doctor to originate your treatment plan and finally make a set of your customized Invisalign trays. This will not only provide more precise work and the patient will receive Invisalign trays sooner, but also the patient will see how his/her teeth will be moved from the beginning until the end and how long the Invisalign treatment process will be. Therefore, hassle-free for your life plan. 

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☎️ 086-4122828, 02-3922628
🍀 LINE : @dentalwise or line.me/R/ti/p/@dentalwise
💌 dentalwiseclinic@gmail.com

Dr. Napong Puapornpong, Orthodontist at DentalWise Clinic, as a speaker in topic "Invisalign Clear Aligner" broadcasted on Channel 5 and Thairath TV.