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ѴѹẺԹŹ (Invisalign®)


ԹŹͧͷ㹡èѴѹԴ˹ ¡ͧͷ蹾ʵԡʺҧͺ仺ѹ ͹ͧѹ¡¹鹢ͧʵԡ樹ҿѹҷ㹵˹觷ѹᾷӡѡҧἹ


1. سͳ 👨‍⚕️ Ѻ觵繼ԡèѴѹ Invisalign дѺ Diamond Provider 💎💎💎 Ẻ Individual Doctor Ẻ੾еǷѹᾷ  ֧лʺóسͺ§ʺѹó餹ҡ س稡֡ҴҹèѴѹҡѰԡ ջʺóèѴѹ þ.͡鹹觡 20  ¨繼ҧἹѡѡҴµͧء鹵͹ Ӥѭسѧ㨴͸Ժ·ءͧ͢ա

2. ҤصԸҹ 💰💰💰 ФҺԡʴصҧ㹡èѴѹ Ҥҷһʹͷͧҷӿѹء ᡹ѹͧ᡹ѹ 3 Ե iTero ҵǨл֡ 硫 ҵԴ Attachment ҵ亿ѹ ҷػóشͧ (Refinement) ´ ෹ ͧѤҪԡ ͧա͹ѴԹ

3. ͧ෤շѹ ͧ᡹ѹ 5 Ե (iTero 5D Scanner) ᷹þѹ 硫кԨԵ 💻

4. Ѻͧ ͻҳ 3-4 ѻҹ Ͷҵͧôǹҹ鹡öǢ

5. Թԡдǡ շʹöͧԹԡ 🚘 ͶҴö俿 🚇 Թ§ 5 ҷըҡʶҹ BTS ͧ

ͧѴһ֡ҨѴѹẺʡѺسͳഹԹԡ դ㹡û֡ҡ͹ѴԹ . 086-4122828, 02-3922628 ҧ Line ID : @dentalwise 

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📌 ᵡҧͧèѴѹẺԹŹºѺèѴѹẺԴ

📌 鹵͹èѴѹẺԹŹഹԹԡ

. Ǿþ ѹᾷѴѹШഹ ԷҡúͧèѴѹẺ Invisalign ͡ҡȷҧ .5Ѱ ѹ 27 ..2559


Please attach the photo file if you require our doctor assessment.
Advised photo: Front and Side view