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ѴѹǴ硨Ѵѹ͹ (Damon System)

෤شͧ硨ѴѹҡѰԡ 硨Ѵѹ͹硨Ѵѹ١ѲҢҨҡ硨ѴѹẺçҧẺç´ҹ ô֧ѹöç¡硨Ѵѹ

1.Ŵ㹡èѴѹŧ Ѵѹ
2.öŴѵҡö͹ѹ͡èѴѹ ŴѵҡüҵѴҡ
4.ӤҴ еԴѹ¡硸 ŴѵҡԴѹ˧͡ѡʺ
5.ѺԡͧҾѹᾷ öҾѹᾷء 2 ͹

ഹ 硨Ѵѹ蹷շشͧк͹Ẻ(Damon Q) ͹ѹ (Damon Clear) ԡ

Ѻԡ÷ءѺѡ . Ǿþ ѹᾷѴѹջʺó㹡èѴѹк͹çҺ͡鹹ҡ 20

öѴһ֡͵ǨԹ͹դ· .086-4122828 ͷҧ Line id : @dentalwise

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