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ഹ պԡèѴѹẺ硨ѴѹẺ Invisalign ١ҧἹѡѺͧ OrthoPulse® ҧջԷҾ٧ش

OrthoPulse® ػó١Դ鹢ѺèѴѹ ¨仪ѹѵҡ͹ǷǢ鹨ҡѧҹʧ鹵(BIOLUX) ö¡е鹡д١ͺҡѹӹ¤дǡ㹡͹ͧѹ

ѡҴԸչöҡдǡʺ §ѺèѴѹҧἹǧ˹Ѻͧ OrthoPulse® ҹѹ 10 ҷ ŷöŴ㹡èѴѹ֧ 50% ͡ҡѧöŴҡ纻ǴШѴѹͧҡ͹Ǣͧѹա

OrthoPulse®ػó쪹ԴáѺѺͧͧһѰԡ (USFDA) ѺǺѺèѴѹ мҹѺͧͧһ繷º

ͺ͹ѴѺԡèѴѹѺ෤ʧഹԹԡ .086-412-2828 02-392-2628


Please attach the photo file if you require our doctor assessment.
Advised photo: Front and Side view